🌱 0.23g of CO2 is produced from visiting this website
Temperature: 14.71Β°C
Humidity: 1014.4hPa
Pressure: 27.41%
Oxidised: 31.4kO
Light: 400.74 Lux
NH3: 343.84kO

Fruitful.FM was a temporary radio station housed inside a greenhouse. Flipping the traditional β€˜dead’ and hidden (terra incognita) space of a radio studio on its head. Across discussion, live-to-air performances, generative sounds, DJ sets and pre-recorded shows the station explored ecology, folk beliefs, community gardening, environmental issues and the North East’s musical heritage.

Installed inside the greenhouse was SwampNET, a weather station monitoring multiple parameters including temperature, humidity and soil moisture. An API connected SwampNET to the wider ecosystem and allows listeners to observe the studio conditions from further afield. Generative audio and regular announcements connected you, the listener, directly to the studio via its ever-changing conditions.

Broadcasting as part of Terra Incognita and the wider Wonderland Festival, Fruitful.FM was situated at the St Nicholas Roof Garden.

Huge thanks to Allan and Peter from Deemouth Artist Studios for building the bespoke greenhouse, to miasma and Look Again for the continous support throughout this project and to the Aberdeen Council gardeners for kindly donating some plants to use over the weekend.